Grimm puts blame on state for District 205 financial woes

Superintendent Ralph Grimm has had the unenviable task of spearheading $3.2 million in budget cuts from District 205.Ralph Grimm says what started off as a mission to fill a $2 million dollar deficits grew into an examination of what the district could afford to lose.

He’s continually said all programs being cut are important but 205 has spent at a deficit 5 years running.

Grimm tells Galesburg’s Morning News on WGIL that a large share of district financial woes come from the state owing the district 6.8 million dollars over the past 6 years.

“Now that’s $6.8 million. By anyone’s count that’s a lot of money. And I don’t know a business out there that can have a receivable in the millions of dollars and stay viable.”

In fact he says in theory the state could put an end to the cuts immediately.

“If they were to write me a check for $6.8 million, I’d ask the board for a special meeting in 48 hours and we’d withdraw these recommendations.”

At last night’s meeting the board approved going forward with 72 of 75 proposed position eliminations.


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